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About Complimentary Bags Airline Check-In

Bags Airline Check-In*

Courtesy of The Westin Atlanta Airport, you can now sign up for complimentary Bags Airline Check-In service online or in person by visiting the Bags Airline Check-In desk in the hotel lobby between the hours of 6:00 am and 2:00 pm daily. Then, at least 2 hours before your flight’s departure, return to the Bags Airline Check-In desk to check your luggage and receive your boarding pass. How it works »

*The Westin Atlanta Airport covers the Bags Airline Check-in fee only. Airline baggage fees are separate and ARE NOT INCLUDED. They will be collected for the airlines during online enrollment or walk-up check-in.

How does Bags Airline Check-In work?

How does Bags VIP Luggage Delivery work?

For Additional Convenience, Breeze by Baggage Claim with Bags VIP Luggage Delivery.

Service Upgrades

Bags VIP luggage delivery upgrade*

With Bags VIP, you can bypass baggage claim while a Bags VIP agent retrieves and delivers your luggage from the airport baggage carousel to any address within 100 miles of the airport. The service is available for both Inbound and outbound travel, with service plans starting as low as $29.95 for each delivery.

Bags VIP – inbound to The Westin Atlanta Airport*
On arrival into Atlanta, have your luggage delivered from airport baggage claim to the Westin Atlanta Hotel with Bags VIP inbound luggage delivery service. How it works »

Bags VIP – outbound from The Westin Atlanta Airport
On departure from Atlanta, have your luggage delivered to your home, office, or any address within 100 miles of your destination airport, available at more than 250 participating U.S. airports, with Bags VIP outbound luggage delivery service. How it works »

*Bags VIP luggage delivery is an additional service, starting at $29.95 PER DELIVERY, and is separate from any applicable airline baggage fees.