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Bags VIP luggage delivery retrieves your luggage for you at baggage claim and delivers it to an address of your choice.
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Bags VIP Luggage Delivery

You have better things to do than worry about your luggage shipping. Whether you’re hopping from the plane to a meeting, enjoying a long-awaited cruise or heading to a family vacation, your bags should be in good hands and off of your mind.

Most luggage shipping services require your items be picked up days in advance and specially packed. But Bags VIP luggage delivery agents will retrieve your checked luggage same-day and deliver it within 100 miles of your accommodations so you can take care of what really matters – you.

Book A Bags VIP Reservation

Bags VIP luggage delivery retrieves your luggage at baggage claim and delivers it to a location of your choice.

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  • "Absolutely awesome! Excellent service. Great status and our bags arrived before we did!"
  • "Everything worked out great. Got our bags in a timely matter and it saved me a lot of grief."
  • "PERFECT!!! Loved the service, told my family and friends! Thanks for everything!"
  • "So far I have been extremely happy with the service. I have used it four times and will continue to use it!"
  • "Extremely impressed with your service, I will definitely be using it again!"
  • "Fantastic service. Don't know what I would have done without you guys since I had 3 very heavy bags."
  • "Loved the service - easy, very convenient and great follow up to keep me informed of where my bag was at all times."
  • "No problems and I liked getting the email updates on the status of my bags."
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Bags VIP agents are trusted around the world.

Make traveling easy again.

Major airlines, cruise lines and world-famous resorts trust our Bags VIP luggage delivery agents to ship luggage for their customers every day – more than 5 million bags a year. Bags VIP luggage delivery works hard to earn customers' trust, providing unprecedented service and peace of mind through our intricate delivery network.

Choose the smart alternative to shipping golf clubs, snow skis and more.

Forget the risk, cost and hassle of shipping it ahead. With Bags VIP luggage delivery, your equipment travels with you as checked baggage. At your destination, a Bags VIP luggage delivery agent will retrieve your equipment from baggage claim and deliver it to your resort, golf course or any location you choose. Begin enjoying your trip or doing business knowing that your items will be there when you need them.

Bags is the alternative to luggage shipping
Enjoy more family time.

Let Bags VIP luggage delivery help carry the load on your next family vacation.

Imagine your family stepping off of a plane and straight into your vacation. Now you can head to your destination with the confidence that your luggage will meet you there safely. Traveling luggage-free is the simple way to enjoy every moment with your family. And with Bags VIP luggage delivery handling the excess baggage, your biggest worry will be where to grab lunch.

Customer Feedback

"The service that I got from Bags VIP was excellent. My bags were picked up and delivered within the promised time frame, and everything was exactly as the service ad claimed. I have already recommended Bags VIP to my family and friends. You have made a life long customer. Thank you for your professionalism and excellent service."
"You all are geniuses. This is the first time I have ever been offered this service in all the years I have flown. It made my trip so much more pleasant and hassle free. The hotel was quick to report that my bags had arrived when I checked in to my room. Thank you for excellent customer service. I hope that I can use your services on all my future flights. "
"I thought the service was excellent. I called to ask a question on the evening I arrived and the explanation by a real person was fast and accurate. Bag arrived exactly as you told me it would at the time you told me. Excellent service. I plan to use the service in the future."
"The delivery service was fantastic. The courier delivered our bags to the hotel before we even arrived. And, he called to let us know that they would be waiting for us. We are so impressed that we plan to use it again on our way home."
"What a great service! Many thanks for the prompt delivery directly to my hotel. Feel free to use this as an endorsement as I am very satisfied with your service. I estimated I saved two hours as baggage claim at Newark is almost always delayed. Thanks again and I look forward to using the service again!"
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